Lessons Learned from Smart Reliability Pilots: Planning and Execution

Preston Johnson

Solutions Manager for Industrial IoT


2:30 [PM] - 3:15 [PM]

Smart Reliability Pilots pull from Reliability and Condition Monitoring Expertise and pull from Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies. Pilots work to explore the technologies and pilots benefit from framing the expectations of the technologies into reliability business benefits. Blending internal and external expertise with technologies from multiple vendors is a team sport and requires an architecture or playbook for each team member.

The best pilots transcend sensors to board room dashboards, with sensory data acquisition, communication, analytics, and workforce engagement in between. While Pilots may not return a financial gain, they should return benefit to equipment reliability, reduction of maintenance efforts, sensor to performance indicating dashboards, and prove the platform for continued digital transformation in reliability.

Balancing client constraints and needed reliability domain expertise can be challenging. There are lessons to be learned from successful Pilots, and those that did not go so well. This presentation begins with an end to end architecture, adds team positions, and presents key factors for success.  Several brief case studies are presented to highlight lessons learned from several Smart Reliability Pilots.