Performance Indicators, KPIs, Metrics and Performance: Getting Started and Creating Value from an Unknown State and with Bad Data

Joe Lonjin

Performance Management Consultant

Cohesive Solutions

1:30 [PM] - 2:15 [PM]

KPIs, metrics, and performance: they can be created, and do exist, with bad data and no documented business processes.

Many organizations want to track performance, metrics, measures, KPIs, and DATA! Many organizations feel they do not have the data or processes necessary to track what they would like to, what their competitors do, or what their executives have asked for.

People sometimes just do not know where to start with data governance, performance measurement, objective hierarchy, or metrics. We will cover how to get started, wherever the organization is today, and to create both a short-term and a long-term roadmap for success.

Organizations have tons of data, good or bad, and they want to leverage this data to make decisions, track performance, and ultimately manage their business. Organizations can start this journey at any time, and do not need to wait until some pre-determined point is reached.